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Life in the Yukon

Welcome to the Yukon, one of 3 northern territories of Canada. The territory was named after the Yukon River and the words "Yukon Territory" means "Great River" in Gwich'in. The ethnic composition of the Yukon is largely English, followed by indigenous people, and those of European ancestry. There are 14 First Nations in Yukon comprising about 30 percent of the population. The territory has many small communities and settlements but the 10 largest are Dawson City, Watson Lake, Haines Junction, Carmacks, Ibex Valley, Mount Lorne, Ross River, Pelly Crossing, Mayo, and Whitehorse. Many of the rural communities have similar amenities to those in Whitehorse, which may include government agencies, medical services, and access to everyday necessities.

The Yukon is known for its breath taking scenery, the endless summer days, and cold, long winters. However, we are much more than that. Whitehorse, the capital city of the Yukon, is a small vibrant city offering its' residents a lifestyle that is truly unique and special. The city has a wide variety of services, recreational facilities, and shopping while being only a short distance from the beautiful and tranquil outdoors.

The community has a public transportation system, elementary and high schools, government offices (municipal, territorial, and federal), a variety of grocery, clothing, and general merchandise outlets, as well as many social and leisure activities. To find out what is happening you can visit to access the City of Whitehorse Active Living Guide, or for a yearly calendar of events.

The Multicultural Centre of the Yukon (MCY) will provide practical guidance to assist immigrants in coping with the details of every day living, e.g. housing, transportation, and access to social and health services. This includes an introduction to the local community that would provide the immigrant with a sense of belonging to the community and also information about their rights and obligations.

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