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Foreign Qualification Recognition

Multicultural Centre of the Yukon (MCY) helps connect people who need recognition for education and skills they received outside of Canada to the right organizations!

As an immigrant, you may find it challenging to get your skills and qualifications recognized in the Canadian labour market. As a result, many immigrants needlessly lose valuable time navigating the system after arrival. However, there are systems in place to evaluate your foreign credentials. Let the experts at the MCY help you!

Foreign Qualification Recognition (FQR), is the process of verifying that the education, skills and experience obtained in another country meet the standards established for Canadian workers.

Please note: Foreign Qualification Recognition (FQR) is sometimes referred to as Foreign Credential Recognition (FCR). Some credentials obtained outside of Canada may not be recognized as equivalent to Canadian credentials. This is because of differences between countries, particularly in regulated occupations where health and safety are important.

Do I need to get my international educational credentials evaluated to work in my field of study?

You need to get your credentials/skills evaluated so that Canadian employers, educational institutions and professional licensing bodies properly recognize them.

What is considered an academic credential?

High school diplomas Any Educational diplomas
Any Bachelor's degree Any Certificates
Any Master's degree Any PhD/Doctorate
Any Industrial Tickets

Do I need a formal evaluation if I wish to attend an academic institution in Canada?

It is almost certain that academic institutions that you apply for will require a formal evaluation of your past academic credentials.

Please note: Getting professional and educational credentials recognized in Canada can take time!

Employment §

Work in your profession.

Educational requirements differ for every profession and trade, and there are a number of different organizations that assess someone's schooling to determine what they represent in Canada.

Before you apply to a professional regulatory body for licensure or certification, check with them about their requirements and how they prefer to have academic credentials assessed.

There are two types of jobs in Canada: non-regulated and regulated.

Non-regulated: if you wish to work in non-regulated occupations, employers will be interested in learning about your education and work experience, but not all of them will require a formal assessment of your credentials.

Regulated: Credential assessment and recognition is usually completed by a regulatory body.

Canadian Labour Market Information §

2013 Foreign Professionals Labour Market Report

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